Now that this blog has been up for over a year and its been a while since the last article it’s a good time to look back. What caused the break in articles? what else is broken? What to break to improve things?

Putting the Relational back in Relational Databases

The concept of relations lies at the heart of relational databases. Despite this, awareness of what relations are and what properties they have is not widespread amongst people using databases (see also the preceding article). This article seeks to give a quick overview of what mathematical relations are and how these concepts are used in relational databases. Later articles will use this as a basis to apply even more advanced mathematical concepts to databases.

Those Who Don't Know History…

Mathematics and information technology have had a symbiotic relationship from the very start. Many useful tools and concepts were born as a result of this relationship. This cross-pollination started before the first computer and lay the foundation for programming, the internet and the first ‘modern’ databases.

Differential Privacy and Information Theory

The goal of this article is to provide a link between differential privacy and information theory. It will start with a short overview of the definitions for differential privacy and information theory. The next section will show how differential privacy and information theory are linked, explain Shannon’s noisy channel theorem and what it means for differential privacy. Finally this article will demonstrate how properties of information can be used to protect data by seeing what happens when we try to get more information out of a dataset than we’re supposed to.

Hello World

This is the first of various 1 articles that will be posted on this Blog.

  1. Hopefully at least a couple by 2024.