Hello World

This is the first of various 1 articles that will be posted on this Blog.

Some of them may be in Dutch, and may have been posted somewhere else before, so articles may not appear in order of publication or writing.

This blog was built using Github Pages, which uses Jekyll running as a Github Action to generate a static webpage. Despite being a static page the build system and the templating options of Jekyll make this quite a powerful combination, to the point that it’s fairly simple to add niceties like a home page listing all posts, pagination, or an RSS feed2.

Since it’s just static HTML and CSS it’s simple to do whatever a normal webpage can do, except that lacking a backend it is quite tricky to store any information permanently. So readers will hopefully be reassured to know that none of their data is, and indeed can’t be stored. 3

  1. Hopefully at least a couple by 2024. 

  2. Feel free to modify or use the feed.xml template used for this purpose. 

  3. Unless Github crosses the line massively.